Musing - Teacher, Teach Thyself
"Process over product -  It's all about the process in early childhood - Don't push your child before s/he is ready....."  My mantra for fifteen years.  And then there I was, ready to hurl my thumb-sucking four year-old on stage so he would perform his part of the Bee in the SSC Summer Theater Workshop performance of Berlioz the BearAll my theory, all my ideology just completely out the window.  I went so far as to try and leave the room so my children (both of them cowering on my lap in the audience!) might pony up and join their peers in the performance.  I really had to dig deep and remind myself that my kids are very young and performing that day was not something that felt right to them.  I had to convince myself that this was ok.  And I had to remember that they had had a perfectly joyful week in drama camp and had learned a lot! 

Like so many parents, I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me as the nagging questions eroded my logic: 

"Why is every other kid up to doing this?"
"Is my child falling behind? "
"Haven't I given enough scaffolding so that my children should feel ready and willing to climb to the next step?"

In the end, I felt a vague sense of gratitude that I am so closely connected to programs for young children that are developmentally appropriate and meet each child where s/he is: Music Together®, Drum & Sing, Curtain Going Up, Jose Mateo Creative Dance..... And so I then found myself considering another year of Music Together with my four year-old and wishing I could do the same with my almost six year-old. 

It's so easy to get caught up in the rush of it all.  Wanting our children to be out ahead of the curve.  For what?